SPOOKtacular Retailer Tips

Halloween is quickly approaching. Here are some SPOOKtacular tips to increase store traffic and sales:

1) Decorate your store! Create a fun Halloween themed window display. If you don't sell seasonal decor get creative by picking orange and black colored products to put on display. Feeling creative? Carve a pumpkin with your company name or slogan!

2) Host an event or family friendly trick-or-treating outing! A costume party is always fun and you can offer prizes to encourage participation. You can also offer a craft night or workshop to create a Halloween inspired item (ex: handpainted wine glasses or candy bags). Families are always looking for safe and fun places to trick-or-treat so work together with other businesses to create a trick-or-treat destination. Offer candy for the kids and provide a fun treat for the adults - a special coupon to come back and shop!

3) Dress Up! It's time to get in the Halloween spirit! Encourage your employees to dress up and have customers vote for the best costume. The pictures will be great to share on social media and the customers will love it.

4) Offer Special Deals & Promotions! Halloween deals are a great way to generate traffic and sales. Offer discounts on items or services that will help customers get ready for Halloween. You could also offer a free gift for any purchase over $25 or $50 (ex: trick-or-treat bag, mug, etc.).